Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Tenth Circle

The Tenth Circle - 2006
image: jodipicoult

Lifetime aired The Tenth Circle last night by Jodi Picoult. If you haven't read her books, they are excellent. She focuses on family issues, children growing up, and ethical issues. She does a very good job with giving her characters a 3-dimensional depth, exploring their feelings and thoughts. Her books also usually have a slight twist to the ending as well.

I was really looking forward to this movie. I always like to see how much movies stay true to the book. For the most part, it was fairly accurate from what I can remember, except it left out a huge chunk of the book that I felt was important. I guess they felt like it wasn't important enough or there was enough plot without it. Did anyone else see this? What were your impressions? Also, an encore of it will be played at 7 PM EST tonight.

By the way, her book My Sister's Keeper, is also being made into a movie, schedule to come out in 2009. The role of the mother is being played by Cameron Diaz. Already, people are not sure of this casting. Apparently, Dakota and Elle Fanning her supposed to play the parts of the sisters but both dropped out, and now it will be Abigail Breslin and Sofia Vassilieva. Alec Baldwin will also be in the movie. There are rumors that there may be some changes from the book, like the ending as well as the ages of the daughters. Hmm, stay tuned for this one.


Spider63 said...

Abigail Breslin is very human. Dakota Fanning is very annoying. The movie is better already!

Tiptoe said...

Spider, LOL. Yes, I like Abigail Breslin. I'll be interested to see how she plays the role.