Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happenings and thoughts from the week

It really wasn't a very exciting week, but there were a few interesting things:

--Met the new dogs/puppies for obedience class. Noticed we are seeing a lot more designer dogs--labradoodles, a cavapoo, some other unknown mixes. We even recently had a Morkie at the kennel. Here are a few photos of the cavapoo and morkie puppies.

--Have been trying to switch my runs to the morning. It has only been somewhat successful so far. Sleep, however, is still well deprived.

--Somehow managed to burn myself from my ipod *I think.* Not exactly sure what happened. I was running in the rain and stuck my ipod in my bra so it wouldn't get wet. I've done this before without a problem. Well, when I got home, I had burns and blisters on my chest. It was very bizarre. That could be some headline: "Burned by my ipod."

--Tried out the new camera for my runs. The pictures were less than stellar. I'm going to have to work on not moving while taking the photos and find the right distance.

--Almost ran over two squirrels who could not make up their minds at all.

--Spoke with my dad on his possible departure to Brussels. They still do not know anything yet. Gave him the okay to go. (Gee I sound like some parent here). This could be anywhere from 2-5 years or however long they wanted to stay. Good news is that their dogs won't have to be quarantined as long as all the appropriate documents/vet checks have been done if they do leave.

--Almost done with the book, Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters. I'll post more on this soon. I have a lot of thoughts on this.

--The temperatures rose to 90 and above all this week with lots of humidity. I felt scorched, sweaty, and tired! I think it made me very irritable. That and hormonal crap.

--Very tired/pissed about the gas price increases. This is now like an everyday occurrence. I know we can all relate to that one.

So let's hope this week, I won't get burned by anything else, my mood improves (right now, it's on agitation), I get more sleep, and don't have any more close calls with animals running in front of my car.


KC Elaine said...

sounds like a lot's going on. Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters is on my reading list. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Anne-Marie said...

So far the funniest "designer dog" mix name I've come across is the Shitz-Poo, our neighbors in TN had one of those, and its personality definitely lived up to its name. ;)

Tiptoe said...

KC, hopefully, I'll post soon on the book. I have finished it, just need to go back through it.

AM, that is too funny! You can definitely come up with some of the funniest names for designer dogs.