Thursday, June 19, 2008

From irritation to smiles

I woke up in a very irritated mood despite having a good run this morning. Part of it was from yesterday at doggie obedience class. This one girl there just drives me nuts. Then I was really questioning whether I was burnt out on my job. The dogs boarding have been driving me crazy. I just want calm, nice dogs who don't run the fence, go into their kennels when asked, come out when asked, remain quiet for food preparation, and do not jump. Is that so hard to ask? :sigh:

Now, however, my mood has been lifted a bit. I did some mowing which actually makes me feel better a lot of times. Then I got this e-mail from this guy I've been corresponding with the last few months. We'll call him DA. Anyway, he said "it'll be nice to meet this summer." I seriously hope we will be able to meet. Do I dare say this could really be something worthwhile? I was just very excited about this.

The other cool thing is that I could have sworn I saw a hummingbird today. I was sitting in the office at work and suddenly see something fly around the Heath Aster and Lavender in the window boxes. I only saw it fr a moment, but the shape was like a humming bird. My last several runs I've also seen a number of deer and ground hogs.

Gotta go for now. Hopefully, my mood will stay in this state.

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