Saturday, June 21, 2008

Co-op experience

One of my things on my list was to do my grocery shopping which I normally do on Mondays. I normally go to Whole Foods when I'm getting natural products but decided instead to stop by the local co-op. It had been awhile since I'd shopped there, so my navigation skills weren't too great. I also realized it seemed that everyone had gone alternative and was using the reusable bags, similar to green bags Actually, I had these in my car and totally forgot to bring them. It somehow made me feel a little self conscious. However, when I do remember the green bags, I only feel comfortable using them in natural food stores versus a regular grocery store where I see no one using them. Seems quite silly when I think about it.

Anyway, within the first five minutes, I saw a client who immediately waved and said hi. I said hi back and we both went on our way. Thirty or so minutes later, I saw another client. This one was actually my former professor, so it was nice to see her. The funny thing was when I drove up to the store, I wondered whether P. (professor) would be there. And lo and behold, there she was.

Then in between seeing clients, this guy comes up to me and hands me this American flag pin. The paper the pin was stuck to read, "Let's be friends! I am a deaf person selling these cards and flag pins for a living." Then there was a heart in the middle with the "I love you" sign. The bottom of the paper read, "Donation-any price you wish."

I really was not sure how to react. Was this guy really deaf? And how come I didn't see him going around to other people but just me? I wound up giving him a dollar. He signed thank you, and then scurried off. It was a really bizarre encounter. I have nothing against deaf people, I've met several of them and my boss is profoundly deaf. I guess I like to think I did a nice thing, but maybe I was being played? Who knows. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

The rest of the shopping trip went okay. I did pick up a few different items to try. Hopefully, I don't get a lot of anxiety over it. Oh yes, and I saw this sign in the store for a dietitian that meets with people there on certain days of the week. The first 15 minutes is free, but I'm not sure what the rest of her fee would be. I'm considering this idea, at least maybe to bounce off some ideas or feel accountable or something. My insurance doesn't cover nutritionists/dietitians and the one here in town I would like to go to doesn't take my insurance. Maybe I can work something out. I guess it's good that I'm at least giving this food for thought, right?

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