Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chick and egg

Recently, one of my mother's King Charles Cavaliers was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She's concerned since their last cavalier also died of CHF. The dog is now currently on meds and seems to be doing better. I know she'll keep her on a good/healthy diet since that significantly helped their last cavalier.

My mom was rather depressed over the weekend about it. She received an e-mail from her husband who is out of town. It was titled "Losing something special." She deliberately avoided opening the e-mail, because she was afraid of being upset and hurt. It turns out the e-mail was opposite.

I hope some of you vegetarians/vegans are not upset by this. I personally chuckled and smiled at this. Sometimes I do feel like that scrambled egg. However, I keep reminding myself that even if I am one, there is still me in there. Anyway, take the image as you see fitting to your life.


Anne-Marie said...

Too funny, great minds think alike, when it comes to profane poultry, I guess. ;)

Tiptoe said...

AM, LOL. I guess it's sometimes good not to be a chicken.