Saturday, January 12, 2008

Guiilt about a dog

Somehow I'm feeling a little concerned. I went for a run yesterday and ran into a dog whom I'd seen before. She came up quickly and silently and startled me. This can be disaster sometimes, but luckily, all she wanted to do was run with me. The last time she did this, she stopped at some point and went back to wherever it was she came from. This time, however, she followed me almost my entire way home. We ran into a house with two dogs, and the owners were out. I'm not exactly sure what happened other than seeing a truck with the dog who had been running with me in it. I originally thought that this might have been her owner looking for her. They stopped and asked if this was my dog and sped away. It happened really fast, and thinking back, I should have said they needed to drop her off on the road I'd seen her. Or better yet, I should have said yes, it was my dog, and taken her back to where I first saw her. Now, I don't know what will happen to her, and I just feel bad.

I think she belongs to someone--has a collar, no tags, looks to be taken care of well. She is friendly and playful--even took my water bottle I dropped and gave it back to me with an object exchange. Even though I know that if she indeed does belong to someone, it is their responsibility to keep an eye out on her or if she ends up in a shelter to pick her up, but there is just a sense of guilt on my part. She never would have strayed so far if she was not following me ya know?

I think I may go back to that house and just ask if they knew those people who decided to pick her up. It would just ease my mind a bit. Normally, I don't care about the dogs around here since many are undersocialized, but this is just a nice dog. Reality wise, I'd think that people around here know that there are many loose dogs and would just leave them alone. Sigh.

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