Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How cheesy can I be?

Every year, my landlord gives me cheese for Christmas. I hate cheese. It's not an ED thing but more due to a powerful psychological adversive effect when I was young. Essentially, I ate a cheeseburger for the first time when I was five (mind you I had never had anything like this before), and became sick in the car. I don't remember the incident that well, but apparently, my parents had to turn the car around and put me in the bath. Ever since, with the exception of some mozzarella cheese (cooked only), I have hated cheese. The smell, touch, feel of it just makes me cringe. Before, it did not matter about the cheese, because I just gave it to my former roommate. Many of you probably ask why I don't tell my landlord. I'm not sure really. I guess it's the whole not wanting to hurt his feelings since it is a "gift." I may not like it, but regifting is okay, right?

Many people think I'm really bizarre in this since I'm not lactose intolerant or anything. I'm actually the same with most dairy products. I don't drink milk unless it's chocolate although these days I prefer soymilk anyway. Butter is a no as well. It always bothers me if I go to a fast food restaurant which is virtually never and want a salad, almost all of them have cheese. I end up having to pick out every single morsel of cheese which just dampers the whole quality of my meal. It is already at a low point being that it's fast food, but to add this too. I should also mention that I do not eat most meat products but fish.

Anyway, to get to get to my point. I have had this cheese for over a month. I was going to give it to a friend, but the friend I had wanted to give to, I did not see over the holiday. So it's just stayed in my refrigerator unopened, box and all. I was finally just tired of it, so I decided to make some doggie biscuits. That's been one of my goals for this year--to try out new dog treat recipes for my pooches. They love to be my guinea pigs. Here are some photos:

Before going into the oven. Yes, I even added some more grated cheese to the top thinking there wasn't enough cheese knowing good well that my dogs have excellent noses. I guess it was just to amuse me to make them more delicious though they don't care at all. Only one out of three of my dogs is picky.

Here are the results. Don't they look yummy? My dogs should really appreciate this, because the smell of cheese cooking was absolutely nauseating to me. But I guess they are worth it. :-) Just to note, the darker ones I left in a tad too long. Again, luckily, color does not matter to my dogs, just to my perfectionstic self.

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