Saturday, January 5, 2008

Healthy eating and dieting

This short article came out talking about how Americans opt for healthy eating, not dieting.

The research group's vice president who tracked what Americans consume says, "We've become more accepting of our weight and the most important thing is, are you healthy?" Balzer said.

Hmm, are we sure about that? I think there may be a general consensus about being healthier, but not less dieting from people. Think about every ad, every new product, pill, etc. that has come out within the last few years.

Just the other day, I saw this ad in a magazine for Weight Watchers.
You can't read the small print underneath, but it says, "Seems like a pretty easy choice. Weight watchers actually works with your life instead of against it. Because it's not a diet. It's a smarter way to eat and live. You'll learn how to have a healthy relationship with food so you can finally lose the weight without losing your life."

Isn't Weight Watchers just another promotional weight loss company? Their values may be a little different, but it still is about weight loss.

The fact is that we as a society are still a long way from accepting weight and size. It may slowly, at a snail's pace, be changing, but the issues are still prevalent. Americans are still dieting.

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