Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tooth extracation day over

Just to report back that my tooth extraction went much better than either the periodontist and I had anticipated. I was in and out of there in an hour. It's definitely good that I was really numb, because periodontics is like the orthopedics of dentistry. I found it funny, because even though I had a sheet over my eyes, I still found myself closing them. Dr. V. said it was so water wouldn't splash into my eyes, but I think it's more for any tooth fragments that might fling into the air and hit your eyes.

Dr. V. was also very good about prescribing the meds I wanted, i.e. an antibiotic and pain med that doesn't give me side effects. Luckily, I have not had much pain at all. I think it's because he did not have to cut into my gum. I'm super glad about all this, however, chewing and eating are a bit challenging.

If you look at that dental x-ray picture in my previous post, basically imagine the entire upper left side gone but one tooth (originally, a bridge was there which they had to section), then a hole beside that tooth from the previous extraction. On the lower right side, a hole halfway between the back and front of my mouth. That's essentially what my mouth looks like now until I get the holes replaced with implants at some point in my life. I'm hoping nothing happens to that sole remaining tooth, then I'm up a creek without a paddle. Same goes for my right upper side which has a bridge as well.

As I left the office and was waiting to schedule my follow-up appt., I glanced over at another x-ray which was very similar to mine except that the person in the chair was much older than me. It was one of those moments of realizing how young I am with this much damage. People my age are not supposed to have ruined teeth. Even my mom who doesn't have the greatest teeth still have ones better than mine. And to think I used to compete with her as to not having cavities when I was younger.

Anyway, I'm now going to stop whining about my teeth. I can't change them for now but just accept it and move on just like the rest of life.

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