Monday, January 21, 2008

MacBook Air's Thin Obsession (Parody)

This is a parody about MacBook Air's new "thinnest" notebook computer. If you remember from back in the summer, Apple got a lot of heat for their new imac laptop using the tagline "you can never be too thin or too powerful." The whole idea that Apple would even use this really struck a nerve with people. So much so, that the Eating Disorders Alliance sent a letter to Steve Jobs about it. Apple pulled the tagline and replace it with something less offensive.

However, with this new notebook, again, the advertising is the "world's thinnest notebook--ultrathin, ultraportable, ultra unlike anything else."

Now, I know in the computer world, lightness of a computer is an issue, but it just seems like Apple is obsessed with this. It's either that, or just brilliant marketing knowing that this is a hot issue of debate worldwide.

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