Saturday, November 21, 2009


As this week winds down, I was thinking about how numbers impact our lives greatly. Since moving, I've had to open many accounts--electric, water, propane, bank, cable, etc. I can't tell you over the last few months how many times I've had to write my social security number which luckily I've had memorized since I was very young and received my first library card. I felt such pride in having memorized the number which identifies you for life.

There are other numbers that have always been important to me. One is my bank account. Currently, I have three, so I feel the need to remember all of them, especially for ease of online banking. I also have a tendency to remember credit card numbers, important phone numbers (some of these numbers go way back to childhood), certain passwords containing numbers, and of course we can't forget food related items. Right now, this week, I have also gained the most amount of keys ever--a whopping seven. Gosh, this makes me feel so important :grin: However, since they all look alike, I've had to look at the serial numbers on the keys to tell them apart until I can color code them.

When you think about it, it is amazing how so many numbers can float through your head. They become so vital to everything in life, and it can become overwhelming. Besides all my normal numbers I remember, when Baxter comes home (hopefully tomorrow), his numbers will be important in terms of labs and his weight.

There really isn't a point to this post other than a mere observation. Sometimes, I think if I was able to banish all food related numbers out of my head, I'd have so much more room for other numbers. This could be good or bad though, but no matter what numbers will always exist as a way of identification, a statistic, a lab value, a serial number, an amount of calorie, a placement, and many more things in life. Some will always be meaningful, while others will be meaningless. Some we can choose while others we can't. I just hope in time, some will have less meaning and just BE.

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Telstaar said...

Oh you're soo right!

I can still remember my mothers old credit card number!!! I almost wish THAT would woudl get out of my head so i could learn new ones :).

I love numbers, when I'm highly anxious one of my coping techniques is to do the quick math quizzes on my nintendo ds! Seriously! I love it!

In regards to eating disorders, sometimes I think that the numbers are more a soothing technique for me than an anxiety provoking one... I will calculate my bmi over and over again simply because its a simple math sum! Randome hey??

At work, I used to do people budget and tax and income... all by hand because it was more fun that way.

I do love numbers and yep, I think they really do have a pretty big impact on our lives!