Sunday, November 29, 2009

A date

I have not talked on here about KH yet. KH is a guy who contacted me a few months ago on a dating site geared towards those who are into fitness and exercise. I hadn't been active on that site in quite awhile since DA I read KH's profile, and he seemed interesting. He also lived in the area where I moved to, so I thought location would be good if anything panned out. I figured if anything, he could at least help show me around or let me know the good Asian restaurants in town.

When I originally began e-mailing him, I told him from the get go, I wasn't sure how much time I'd have for a relationship as I was in the process of closing on a house, moving, starting a new job, and dealing with Baxter's surgery, etc. He was quite understanding and said basically to take my time.

Since then, we've been e-mailing back and forth. I told him once I was here, I would go out to dinner with him sometime. After learning of some Asian restaurants in town from my personal banker who is half-Thai, I decided to ask to see where he wanted to go. On Friday night, I called and confirmed the date with him at a Korean restaurant which neither of us had been to.

The restaurant was great! My food was so spicy, I wound up having to take a break from it and take some of it home. He agreed that the restaurant was also good. We chatted about a lot of different topics--running, his kids, dogs, personalities, etc. It was a nice "get to know you" session. I don't hold any expectations, but just to see where things go. This is new territory for me as he is almost ten years older (does not look like it though), recently divorced (like since July), and has two young kids (aged six and nine I believe). It just brings a different dimension to any new relationship.

Relationships have always been a bit tough for me in terms of anything long term. I get these moments of excitement which is actually when I'm the most outgoing, but then after awhile, I fall back into my insecurities and worry about all those superficial things like looks, my body, how I dress, etc. There's other issues too which need to be more addressed fully, but that 's been on the back burner for awhile. Maybe, it's time to bring it to the front burner?

So who knows whether anything will pan out. For now, I'm hoping to just enjoy it.


Kristina said...


I know that there are varying opinions about eating disorders/recovery and relationships. For me, I was at a place where I was beginning to be comfortable with myself, and then I just randomly met this person who has ended up being my best friend, along with my lover.
Not to say that's what you are looking for, but it sounds like you enjoyed the time you spent with this person and that you are really challenging yourself (buying a house, now this...).
That's all very very cool!
Take care,

Wrapped up in Life said...

WOW - I think that was very brave of you, and it sounds like you enjoyed yourself! What a wonderful feeling, to not be intimidated by circumstances, and instead explore the beauty inside the human soul.

ghost girl said...

Wonderfu! yes just enjoy it for now, that is a healthy attitude to have, I believe!