Friday, November 20, 2009

Baxter worries part 2

Baxter is still at the emergency vet. I spoke with them at 12:30 PM, and they said he was doing fairly well. At times he had lifted his head and looked around a bit, but at other times, he was very sedate.

They said he had a little vomiting this morning, so there was a concern of aspiration pneumonia. By the evening, he vomited more brown fluid. A chest x-ray revealed fluid in the right lung, so IV antibiotics have been started in hopes this will stop the pneumonia from getting worse. He also had a catheter placed since he has had limited movement.

I am optimistic he will pull through, but it is hard to watch your pet be ill. According to my vet, this probably means he will not be able to come home until Saturday. She'll be there that evening, so if he is still there, she can see him.

Though I know he is receiving great care, I can't help but be slightly stressed financially. Overnight there is easily at least a grand. With all the other expenses of this move, I feel horribly guilty for this extra burden (money, not Baxter). I'm also concerned that Baxter will continue to lose weight. He has lost almost ten pounds since April and is now under sixty pounds which he has not been since he was a very young dog. His muscle loss is very apparent, so he really can't afford to lose any more weight. And this is despite my efforts in feeding him more food.

Anyway, that is the latest on him. I hope his recovery goes smoothly and well. He is such an integral part of my life and his siblings.

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Telstaar said...

Hey hun, have been thinking about all this and I really hope he does continue to improve soon... you must be feeling quite beside yourself.

*hugs* xoxo