Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baxter's surgery update

Thanks for everyone's thoughts on Baxter and me. Baxter had his surgery yesterday (Thursday). Overall, it went well. Dr. P. said according to the post-op MRI, it showed all of the tumor to be removed. There may be a sliver left, but the vaccine therapy and his immune system should take care of it. The tumor itself was about 2cm and was taken to histopathology for grading.

Baxter stayed there overnight, and I saw him the next morning during visiting hours. He was up and moving around. He has swelling on the left side of his brain and some deficits in his right eye which should be transient. He was certainly glad to see my dad and me, though he was still quite disoriented.

I spoke to Dr. P., and we both decided we thought he could be discharged. We went over all the discharge instructions, and she gave me big hug when we left. She said she would be in touch soon with the biopsy report and would speak to my new vet who will be administering the vaccine which is made directly from his dead tumor cells, just like being grown in its own petri dish.

I have to admit, I was so impressed with UMN. Every doctor, nurse, technician I encountered was very friendly and helpful. The layout of the hospital was similar to a human hospital and really catered to easing the animals in care. Off bat yesterday, I saw three dogs with amputated legs. Alone yesterday, they performed 11 surgeries which did not count dentals nor emergencies. Today, they did at least five MRIs. Though I hate comparing to UT which I also think is very good, this place was awesome! I absolutely love Dr. P.and wish she could be my full-time vet! She was super friendly, great with Baxter, and took her time to explain everything to me and answer any questions. I really think this study is going to take off, and the word seems to be getting out about it. Their hope is to have a human protocol for brain tumor treatment using this model within a year.

We are now in IL. My dad decided to do a lot of driving today and wound up not taking any of the exits I suggested where hotels were. He finally stopped about 9:30 PM which was good for Baxter and me. But poor Bax, he was so thirsty and hungry and peed like three times in three hours. I think he has finally settled in for the night. I'm hoping he will make it through the night without getting me up. This week, my REM sleep has been so off within waking me up anywhere from 1:30-4:30 AM.

Tomorrow, will be the last leg of the trip home. It is tentative that my dad will fly back on Sunday. Though we've certainly had our ups and downs this trip (the last two days were better), I know he is going to sleep for like three days when he gets home. I know it has worn him out tremendously even if he does not want to admit it.

I just need to get through the next two weeks which is filled with new job, closing on the house, moving, meeting the new vet, and getting Baxter through the first stage of recovery. Whew, a lot on my plate!

Again, thanks all for your support. It's times like this when I need people in my corner who can give an understanding ear.

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Telstaar said...

So glad it went well!!! It sounds like an amazing facility they have there, very cool.

Hope you have a good final trip home