Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Despite having so many successes with challenges lately, I'm feeling very overwhelmed with everything. I just feel like it never ends, and something else comes up. It's either that or that everything just has horrible timing!

*Baxter is not doing well. He was doing well last week and making small improvements. I thought we ere having a breakthrough finally. Then on Sunday, he began going downhill fast. His last meal was Sun. AM. He has not eaten since then nor taken in fluids other than my syringe fulls of water and gatorade which were not too successful today. Right now, we're treating the dehydration, hoping it makes him feel better. I'm experimenting with foods too to try to get him to eat. It is like he is too weak to even eat, and he is down 4 pounds from a week ago.

*My vet is getting married (yeah for her!) and going on her honeymoon for ten days. I'm very happy for her but hate that she is gone for so long. She has a replacement, but I've never met him. Supposedly, he is good though. My boss and I are also taking care of her two dogs while she is gone. The positive is that it gives Tovah some dogs to play with since one of them is apparently very playful.

*My boss suddenly had to be gone from yesterday to Thursday to do stuff at her dad's. I'll be taking care of her dogs while she is gone.

*The glass guy is coming tomorrow. He is replacing many windows and will be here most of the day. I have put this off, but the guy really wants it to be done. He is afraid the glass is going to break.

*I really need to take my computers in to get them repaired. It's been trouble finding time.

*I haven't gotten as much done work wise which makes me feel like I'm being unproductive.

*Financially, I'm super stressed. I know there is a big transition period, but it is so rough right now. I hate going over my cell phone minutes, but people seem to get upset when I tell them they really need to call me after 9 PM. Then, there are other bills that were more than I expected.

*My family keeps asking me what I want for Christmas. Of course, this is all in good spirits, but Christmas is the last thing on my mind!

*I'm feeling fat and have had a few small "binge" episodes.

*I haven't had therapy since like Sept., and I am pretty sure she just wants to close my file. An hour wouldn't even be sufficient in getting through all that has happened. I don't think snail mailing counts, and I really don't have the time to drive back and forth for 80 min. each way plus an hour of therapy right now.

I know ultimately I just need to get through this time period in one piece and remind myself it is not forever--that everything will smooth out eventually. Gee, I really hope so, because I can imagine myself getting some premature gray hair.

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