Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Black ice, panic, and a roller coaster of emotions

I have to admit, tonight would have been a good night for anti-anxiety medication. (Score one for the pro anxiety medication side! Yes, I'm slowly swaying in that direction, finding the light of its benefits. Now, I just need to still decide who to see and make the call)

The day started off well. I got up a little before 6 AM--that seems to be the time I am automatically waking up, did all my
doggie morning duties, swung by the vet's office to get an intranasal bordatella vaccination for the puppy, and then went to the fitness center for a workout.

After finishing that, I took the puppy to
doggie daycare to play with ones her age and headed off to do errands and do last minute gift shopping. I picked up the puppy at 6 PM and headed home. There had been freezing rain off and on all day, traffic was now backed up due to some accidents on the road, so extra care needed to be taken on the roads.

About 3.5 miles miles left from my home, this one road was practically all black ice. I almost reached the kennel where I work, but then spun around in the road twice, eventually with my car in the middle of the road. Another guy in front of me was also stuck. I called emergency services and waited. Meanwhile, a few men from up the road helped turn my car so I could at least get to the kennel. I did make it there safely and was trying to get in touch with the person who worked for me today who was still at the kennel. However, I could not, and I don't know, for some reason, I was panicking over that, because I really needed to get home to let our my other dogs and was worried I would have to come back to do late night kennel

After numerous
attempts of banging on the door and calling her name, finally, she came down, apparently not hearing me in the shower. It was fine for her to do late night kennel which was relief to me. I also had to leave the little one there (by the way I have figured out a name for her) as she doesn't yet know how to walk on leash (she just freezes) and was cold. I left and ran/walked the two miles home with a flashlight. My only saving grace was that I had left my yak the car. I bought them last year when we had ice and found them beneficial.

On my way home, I called a friend who had left a message for me. We talked for two hours. It was very nice to talk to her, and I'm kind of excited about her proposal.

I also called my parents and recounted the events with them. I must have been talking a mile a minute, because that is what was going through my head. I realized just how frightened I was of spinning in the car with NO CONTROL! I've experienced driving on black ice before, but this was super scary. I'm thankful that nothing serious happened and I was able to safely get to the kennel, make sure my puppy was okay, and go home. Though I'm horrendously tired, my thoughts are still keeping me up. This is also exacerbated by work. Basically, I kind of lost it, venting my frustrations with my boss yesterday over the way the last two weeks have been handled while she's been gone. Currently, she is delayed flying back due to the west coast weather. I'll have a post later on "anger" and speak more about this.

Tomorrow's weather will be 20 degrees warmer but very windy with rain. It does not make for a fun day, but at least I'll be able to drive back with no repercussions of black ice.


Cammy said...

How scary!!! I am so, so, so glad that you were ok (and the pup too!). It's pretty amazing how so much can happen in just a few seconds. I hope you are able to relax more today, take it easy on yourself!

Tiptoe said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Cammy. Today was a little better, though the rain seemed neverending.