Friday, December 12, 2008

When you really can't relax...

I am off today from work which is a rarity as it is a Friday. My boss left to go out of town on Tuesday, so I've had to work more at the kennel. It's not so bad except that, I also have to assist dog training classes and do late night kennel. This means during the week, I'm running around back and forth, eating dinner much later than usual, and my day does not fully end until 10-10:30 PM.

My boss decided to bring in someone, so I could get a day off. I essentially spent the good part of this morning training her and introducing dogs. I was already a bit concerned with two dogs in the kennel, but my boss thought they would be fine with the new person since she was female.

I let them out, they met her, and seemed to be okay. Upon coming in for breakfast, however, one barks at her which sets the other off, and he goes after her hand but got her shirt instead. I'm thinking this is so not good. After breakfast, I let them out, and they act similarly, but the one who had already gotten a piece of shirt lunged at her. Great.

So for now, she won't be letting those dogs out into the larger paddocks but only the smaller one off their kennels. What does this do? Stresses me out! I feel like I can't really enjoy my day and a half off (not that I don't have a million things to do anyway), because I'm way worried that J. will bite her even though he is disarmed (his canines have been filed down). It's one of those moments that I just pray everything goes okay, and I don't get some horrendous call. I hate being positioned like this!

Okay, off to try to be productive.


Gaining Back My Life said...

Yikes. My sympathies are with you as I understand the whole female dog relational thing.

My dog is a breeze, but get her with another female, and all of a sudden she becomes this creature I know nothing about!

Why can't we call just get along?

Tiptoe said...

These particular dogs--one is female and the other male. The don't do that great with dogs, so they always go out alone. With people, the female has always been fine, but the male weary. The male was the one I was worried about the most, going after the worker there.

So far, no calls. I'm guessing everything is okay.