Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend horrors

First, the good news. The electrician came by this weekend to work on blown breaker. I now officially call him the "Wasabi electrician." Last year when he came by to do some other work, we got into a conversation about Asian food. He was telling me how much he loved wasabi paste and wanted to know if I knew where he could get it. When he came this weekend, I remembered about his wasabi fetish and asked him if he found it. Apparently, he found wasabi peas but not what he wanted. Oh well, he'll keep looking, and I'll remember I tried.

In the end, he wound up having to do a lot more work than he expected. I had several bad outlets and he had to place new wires. Then he discovered two things for me. One I had a nest of snakes in the back of my yard! I was less than thrilled. He showed me where they were--about three baby garter snakes all peeking out for curiosity purposes. They were kind of cute in a way, but I did not want them in my yard and having to worry about whether I would mow over them. Yes, that has unfortunately happened before.

Now, I'm not afraid of these critters, but I find they often startle me which give me a freak out moment. Last spring and summer I saw so many at the kennel where I work. Luckily, they were just mostly garter snakes but still, I am just not keen on them. Sometimes I do wonder whether they are one of my animal totems since I saw so many of them. The electrician said he would catch them for me and take them by the creek.

When I got home from work, the electrician was pulling out of my driveway. I apparently have another big problem. A sewage leak or burst. I was absolutely shocked, mortified, and panicky. I immediately called my landlord who happened to be in Florida since his best friend just died. He was going to wait until he got back on Wed. to take care of this, but I called him again wanting something to be done. My biggest fear was he wasn't going to take care of it or something since it took him so long to get this electrical problem taken care of. Luckily, he called a guy he knew who is coming out today. Whew, I am relieved, but still I was really paranoid last night.

I think my paranoia stems from not only that this is really unhealthy and gross, but just wondering if years of purging could have also done this. I mean you hear about clogged pipes at colleges and sororities due to this very thing. I've lucked out I guess that nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I've been completely purge-free for four or more months now which is great. It's not any kind of record for me, but better than it's been for a long time.

I know this could very well be a "shit happens" moment, as this happens to normal, everyday, non-Ed people. My mom and her husband had something similar happen last year. Her husband was talking about something to do with laundry detergents using formaldehyde in their formulas which was killing the sewage pipes and fields all over the country. I haven't researched this to know enough about this.

So now, I wait for the guy to show up this afternoon. I'm hoping he'll get here early afternoon versus late, so I can still take my long run today. I'm seriously hoping this is the last bad/inconvenient thing to happen to me. It sometimes makes me wonder whether karma is on my side these days?


Anonymous said...

rough start to the week it sounds like. I have a huge black snake that lives in my yard and sometimes he comes up on the porch and startles me when i'm on my way out. They are harmless but i hate that adrenaline rush. And mowing over them would be ack! Good luck witht them.

I have worried about the septic system backing up on me too. I guess it just depends 1) how long you've lived there 2) how much you were purging since you've been there 3) when the last routine matinence was. Who knows. I use rid-x once a month. it's kinda expensive but honestly your landlord should pay for it since it ultimatly benefits him and counts as property up keep.

Four months is a great start to being purge free. One day at a time. have a great long run and stay strong.

Tiptoe said...

Anon, thanks for sympathizing.

Most of the snakes around here are garter and black snakes. We do have a few poisonous ones as well. And yes, I have mowed over one before. Talk about freaking out.

As for the septic system, I've been here for about six years. I doubt there was much maintenance in general. It's just the way my landlord is. Prior to me was a family who lived here.

I don't know whether the purging was a contribution to the problem or not, but I doubt it was helpful.