Friday, April 4, 2008

Frustration is the key word this week

I finally broke down and bought an extension cord, so I could plug my computer into a different outlet. I called m landlord last week, and he said he had talked with the electrician. He was apparently surprised I had not heard from nor seen the electrician. He called just a few minutes ago saying he was coming by tomorrow morning. That means I'll have to crate the dogs and take Daphne with me to the kennel. Baxter and Hank will not be happy. I'm hoping this electrician gets whatever that needs done fixed. I'm just frustrated by all this and why it's taken my landlord so long to get a move on things. I mean him more than this place is worth, so I think he should do a better job.

The rest of the week has also resulted in frustration. On Wednesday, I went to get my rim for my tire. The tire place didn't have it like they said they would. I wound up going to this rickety, not so great looking used auto parts place which did not have a rim either. They ordered a new one for me which was supposed to be in today. No call from them, however.

Yesterday, it poured raining and I had to make multiple trips into town. Of all things to drive in, I really despise rain. That just stems from a bad car accident over five years ago. I still to this day will not drive on that road. Anyway, I was able to get an earlier appointment to meet with the orthopedic surgeon to go over my MRI results. After I got into the exam room, the nurse left my chart on the computer. I think this place has all electronic records now. Being curious that I was, I read over file and what the Dr.'s thoughts were, etc. from my previous appointment. Nothing too unusual in it, but I just like to know. I'm a bit weird that way. I even have most of my medical records and labs from almost ten years ago.

The good news is that my knees look normal. There aren't any tears or anything like that. The bad news is that he really can't do anything for me. His diagnosis is overuse syndrome which I'm not sure whether I agree with or not. He suggested more cross training, running on softer surfaces, and taking medications as needed including 1200 mg ibuprofen the day before the race with the precaution that I'm well hydrated. I wanted to roll my eyes on that one honestly, but I didn't. It just reminds me how little he really does know about me.

The one good thing about this appointment was that he was slightly less egotistical than the previous one and he actually did go through the MRI images with me as well. He didn't thoroughly explain everything but gave a basic concept which was at least something. He also said that he'd seen about five other patients since me with similar problems and all training for marathons. There is one at the end of this month that many people from around here are running. I guess the pain and other ailments can't be all in their heads or mine as well, right?

After my 20 minutes were up, I left with him saying that if I ever needed anything else from him to come back. I'm chuckling as I write this next sentence, but the image that keeps popping up in my head is this story he told me of his daughter-in-law, his son, and him running the Chicago Marathon where he carried a syringe of something (never told me what it was, I'm guess maybe hydrocortisone?) in his pocket and ended up injecting his daughter-in-law's knee so she could run the race. Apparently, she had a lot of knee pain. Okay, maybe I'm not really chuckling but more like that it just seems really disturbing?

Now, I'm just feeling frustrated and unsure of what to do. It's exactly a month today until the marathon, and I do not feel prepared at all. I don't know whether to continue with physical therapy or what. I'll continue my training and just hope the pain doesn't get severe enough to debilitate me or something.

After all that, yesterday ended up nicely. I went out to dinner with a friend. We caught up on the latest news with each other and just regular inside politics that goes on around here. I ate well overall, including dessert. I was FULL which is not a feeling I like. However, I rode it out and dealt with it and was okay this morning. Just another reminder for my piggy bank when I come across situations, feelings, etc. like this.


Anonymous said...

wow, a month till the marathon? good luck!

sucks that your landlord didn't get on the problem with your outlet right reduction for that month or something since he wasn't living up to his part of the deal as landlord!

The feeling of being full is something i hate as well. right now i am about 600 calories under my "goal" (what i know i need to eat for my health) and hate knowing i have to eat something. stay strong.

Tiptoe said...

Anon, thanks. I hope you are able to reach your calorie goals as well. Hang in there.