Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I don't have much time to write, but I am happy to report back that overall the conference went well. I made a few mistakes but no one is perfect, right? I'm just trying to overlook that and focus on the positive things. I even got "tagged" for being helpful so that was a plus. I also got a chance to see some people I'd met at previous conferences, people who I hadn't seen in awhile, and a few clients as well. There were a lot of really well behaved dogs too, so that is always a plus. The eating wasn't so great, but I know I'll get back on track with that and my running as well.

Yesterday, I had the MRI on both my knees. It's funny, because I do fall asleep but as soon as the technician turned off the music, I woke up immediately. I have my appt. next week with the orto, so I'm really anxious to get those results back. I'm hoping something is shown just for the validation factor, especially with this ortho, but at the same time, I don't want some devastating, awful type result either.

My breaker still isn't fixed, and it looks like it is some wiring problem. I'm hoping the electrician can look at it soon, because this is going on three weeks without my home computer. I'm feeling kind of lost, especially since I do a lot of online article reading on various subjects. I don't have the time to drive to the library everyday, so it just plain ole sucks. Also, I can't recharge my ipod either. :-(

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