Thursday, April 24, 2008

So you can't flush tampons?

Seriously. I never knew this. I feel like the stupidest person on earth but no one ever told me this at all. I don't think I'm a dumb person, but it truly never occurred to me that these "white mice" as plumbers notoriously call them can't be flushed. Ahhh yes, my plumbing situation is now fixed. I ended up calling someone I knew, and he luckily was able to come over Tuesday morning. After some investigation and drilling into the pipe and "snaking" the drain, he was able to declog it. Yes, part of the clog was a tampon, though not all of it of course. Still though, I felt embarrassed and very stupid. The plumber was sweet and said he'd seen it happen many times before and just gave me a rule of them that if you ever put anything into a toilet and it doesn't easily dissolve, don't put it in there.

While he was here, I also had him declog my drains. We also were able to fix my electric problem in the back rooms. All it needed was to be reset. Oh yes, and I also learned that hydraulic cement works very well. According to this plumber, it can even stop a basement that is overflowing with water.

The whole thing about this situation was that both of these problems that I'd mentioned to my landlord were uncomplicated and easily solvable. My landlord's friend/plumber who came out on Monday simply thought that his one adjustment to the pipe would do the trick. When it didn't, he just gave up and said he didn't know what else to do. He never further looked at the problem. Then there is my landlord who was either lazy or didn't take me seriously. I did my part in notifying him of the problems and relied on him to get them fixed. That was obviously not successful, especially since he hardly returned my phone calls. In my last phone call to him, I told him I had someone else come out and fix the problems, that everything is now working, and that I'd be deducting what I paid the plumber from my rent. I haven't heard from him, so I guess that's a good sign.

I'm just really glad everything is in working order. Now, when I have guests coming next week, I can breathe a sigh of relief.


KC Elaine said...

Nice blog you have here, I like your topics. I'm having drainage problems too. :/ Hey, what was the conference you went to in March?

Tiptoe said...

KC, Thanks for your compliments. Sorry to hear about your drain problems. They are such a pain! The conference I went in March was Clicker Expo which is a dog training conference.

kristin said...

i have ALWAYS flushed my tampons. What a loser of a landlord.

Tiptoe said...

Kristin, yeah, many people have done the same--some clogged, others didn't.

Yeah, I'm not sure what is up with my landlord. At times, it makes me want to leave completely.

Victor Wetherbee said...

Hmmm... Maybe I should ask my wife if she ever flushes her tampons in our toilet. There's been a few clogging in our unit in St. Paul for the past weeks. Most landlords don't seem to care about their tenants' problems, I think. They seldom call an electrician for you. I'm glad you got everything fixed.