Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quick update

I e-mailed a friend yesterday asking if she would be around for me to call in the next day or so. I was telling her how the last few weeks has been hell, though I did not go into the reasons at the time. She sent me this cute pic which I think describes me well right now. But boy, I wish I was this sea turtle and could just swim away and not have to worry about everything going on.

So far my sewage problem is better, though not completely fixed yet. I wasn't able to talk to the people working on it since I got home after they left. My toilet, however, backed up yesterday afternoon. Luckily, it was just water, and I have two bathrooms here. I'm hoping it's just that the system needs to recover rather than another problem.

One thing the guy said was that the main pipe that connects the sewage system together basically fell. He said it wasn't anyone's fault and that it was hard to say exactly why. That did make me feel a little better, but still, purging could not have helped it.

Yesterday, I attempted my long run, but it just wasn't happening. I don't know whether it was because the temperatures were warmer than I'd been training in, me being tired from the day before of aqua running, or that my feet were hurting. I'm trying hard not to beat myself up over it, knowing I still have some time to try again. I'm tempted to try not to plan for another long run and just carry all my gear with me and go. Sometimes the lessening of that expectation is better when you're just going out for a run.

I also talked briefly with my physiatrist's assistant who relayed the message of what my physiatrist said. Her opinion is that I'm never going to heal without sufficient rest. I said after the marathon was over, I'd take some time off to rest. We a greed on setting up a follow up appointment the week before the marathon just to see how I was doing.

The rest of yesterday was errands. I went grocery shopping and decided I need to make better attempts at changing my eating. I'll write a post devoted to that later.

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