Monday, April 21, 2008

It's a temporary problem

Okay, so, I'm trying to remind myself of the mantra that my plumbing problem is "just temporary." I think it's just the stress of everything that is making me feel like I want to break and sit and cry right now. I hate when it's just one problem right after another. Not only that, but I hate the fact that my plan for the week has now changed. I do not deal with spontaneous changes well. I know they happen, I live through them and all that, but it's just that it seems so unorderly, messy-like.

The two positives today are that my car is now fixed and the plumber did come by today. My car no is no longer making a crunch sound when I turn or has the ABS light on my dashboard. It's kind of funny, because I keep thinking it's going to make that awful crunch sound which I guess I had already habituated to, but then it's not there.

The plumber who is a friend of my landlord adjusted something, thinking that was going to fix the problem. Well, it didn't. I was not happy as everything backed right back into my tub which I had literally just cleaned and bleached. Now I have to wait another several hours for it to all dry, the water to go down and re-clean it. Not to mention that I have to rewash the towels I'd just washed again, but I can't use my washer. The plumber now realizes that the situation is worse than he thought and notified my landlord. I'm hoping maybe he'll have more clout with him since they are buddies.. I'd take the situation into my own hands, but my mother keeps telling me that it's may landlord's job. Right, I know. :sigh: This is when I think the forces of nature are really trying to tell me something. It's that, pure coincidence, or pissed off whatever high power there may be. Hopefully, I won't have any more posts like this, I'm just soooo frustrated and stressed, so please bear with me for now.

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