Thursday, March 27, 2008

If things couldn't get worse...

So my last post was me talking about how this week is just stressful and that I've been running around like crazy. Things couldn't get any worse. Last night while driving, my left front tire blew out when I hit a median. I'm not exactly sure what happened though have an idea. I had help to put my spare donut tire on and then had to figure out how to get a new tire and still keep all my responsbilities I had.

Early this morning, I went by the Wal-Mar tire place. I was first pissed that the door was locked. Then I had to walk all the way around. When I finally got to the place, there was no one there! Another woman had been waiting 20 minutes and was not too happy either. The guy finally showed up and said they didn't have a tire that matched closely to my tread. Apparently, if this is the case, it can throw the car off. He also said I had a bluge in my left rear tire. Great.

I was supposed to be meeting the coordinator for the event I'm working this weekend, but instead had to go to another tire place this afternoon. I felt horribly bad about it since I like to give good first impressions, stick to my word on stuff, etc. Oh well, I'll guess she'll have to deal with it. Anyway, at the tire place, they looked at my tires and said the other two were about to go as well. In the end and over $400 later, I wound up with 4 new tires. I also have to get a new rim which they'll put on next week.

I'm trying to remain optimistic about all this really. The good thing about the tires is that they had about reached their max and it had been about 3 years--close 40,000 miles. According to the guy at the tire place, that isn't bad. That made me feel a little better, like I wasn't some awful person who didn't take care of their car well. Back in January, my car battery went out after at least 5 years with the original. The other good thing is that I get 4 free oil changes which I will be using.

I'm hoping this is the last of bad case scenarios for me. Hopefully, the start of the conference will go well tomorrow. I know I need to just let go of feeling like I'm behind, that I don't know what I'm doing, and that I can only give it my best effort. I probably wont' be able to get back online until next Monday or Tuesday unless my landlord gets my breaker fixed. Yes, I called him again. sigh.

I hope to have good news to report by then--that or at least some interesting stories.

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