Monday, December 10, 2007

Rain, rain, and more rain

I don't mind a little rain and yes, over the summer we definitely needed it. However, I can only stand about two consecutive days of rain before I just about scream. It wouldn't be so bad if things just got wet and could easily be dried off. It's the mud I can't stand, especially having to dry off my dogs every time they come in and out of the rain. They are good about it, but it wears on them as well. I noticed that parts of my yard are also becoming mud puddles. Hay and rocks only last for so long until they become impounded into the ground by my yours truly dogs who decide to create even more craters.

Heavy rain also disturbs my running outdoor schedule, although I have run in pouring down rain, usually, it's that I get caught in it more than I deliberately go out in it. You'd be amazed too at how many dogs are actually out in the heavy rain. I feel quite sorry for them.

Despite the rain, the rest of the weekend has been okay, kind of uneventful really. I joined a center here in town that is part of the parks and recreation. It's like a YMCA. There are a number of classes there, a weight/fitness room, a pool, basketball courts, a small walking track, etc. I figure I'd try 20 sessions and see what I thought before committing to anything else. Even though I'm into exercise, I have never been what I'd call a "gym junkie." I'm just not the type to drive somewhere to go workout (well, I think there are some other issues too), however, I figured that this might be a good alternative to when the weather is crappy. Plus, I got the okay from my physical therapist about aquatic therapy. Her face just lit up when I asked her about it. She essentially said that the amount I was running (even though I do not perceive this as a lot), was in her words "killing my hamstring." It was so obvious she wanted to say something to me, and I pointed this out to her. However, she understood telling a runner to stop was pretty difficult since she, herself, was a runner.

I'm hoping today to go into town and see about an aquatic belt. I'd really like to try this whole running in water thing. I'm still a little unsure about it and wish I had some kind of manual. It shouldn't take rocket science to figure out, right? I'll let you know how it goes.

This week, in general, is going to be a little longer for me. Although I don't mind working more and I agreed to it, I am just a little more limited in the evenings. Seeing that I am way behind on Christmas shopping, it's not helpful. I seem to be having a more difficult time in thinking of neat things to get people. Nothing that is major, but more unique. And there's only like what two weeks left! It's kind of scary to think about honestly.

Well better get off to start my day.

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