Friday, December 7, 2007

Off to a good start

Despite one of my dogs (he shall go unnamed) deciding to wake me up at 4 AM to go out, the morning has started off well. I was super happy to find a great deal on running shoes. My PT pointed out to me that I really needed a new pair yesterday. I already knew this but had been dragging my feet (pun intended) about it.

While I was going my online shopping, I hear lots of clang and bang. I knew one of my dogs (yes, the one who woke me up at 4 AM) was performing his daily job of retrieving the doggie bowls. Well, he brought one to the sliding glass door and just dropped it there. However, a few minutes later, he comes to come with two bowls! I was quite ecstatic over this, especially since I'd only worked with him the other day on getting two bowls at the same time. He got lots of praise and treats for that one. It's quite astonishing sometimes to think just what goes through our four-legged minds. I posted recently about cognitive abilities in dogs, so this is just another one to be impressed at in my book. Now, I'm just waiting for all three bowls! I'm sure he will get it though, he's a smart cookie.

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