Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just some rambling

Monday and Tuesday were good days overall. I went into town on Monday and ran a few errands. I got a new aquatic belt. I tried it out that evening after I did some biking. One thing I'm reminded of about gym type places is why I have never liked them. It's that whole self conscious factor. Though logically, I know people are doing their own thing, I still somehow think they are watching me or thinking about why that girl is pedaling so fast or on some piece of exercise equipment too long, etc. I think it was also ironic, because they had the food network set on one of the tvs.

The bike went well overall, and I had a good workout. I'm still unsure of what constitutes high mileage. I tried the vertical stationary bike instead of the reclining one. It was more comfortable, but my butt was sore afterwards. After that, I headed to the pool to try the new water belt. I was not sure how it would go. First, I have major issues with being in any type of swimsuit, though I can at least seem appear more normal in a one piece. I tried hard not to focus on that, realizing that once I was in the pool, it's not like people would be seeing my bathing suit. The other thing I was worried about was getting bored. However, that didn't happen since apparently the local high school's swim team was practicing. It ended up being a bit loud, but I just concentrated on what I was doing. I'm not sure if I did it correctly. I know the basic concept is to mimic how you run on land, but still, it's tougher since you have resistancy with water. It is a good workout, nonetheless, and I think I'll probably be doing more of that.

Tuesday was an absolutely beautiful day here. It was such a welcome break from all the rain. I had a PT appointment in the morning. That went well overall, and I did ask for her to give me some guidelines in terms of running mileage. She gave me some leeway, so I'm trying hard to stick by those numbers, although it feels like nothing. Because yesterday was such a gorgeous day, I couldn't resist passing up a rub. I know there won't be many if any of 60+ degree weather going into the winter season. My run went really well. It was interesting, because it felt different. I don't know if it was from being in the pool or what, but it just felt more fluid.

After I got home and expected to just retire for the evening, three of the four of my landlord's horses were in my driveway. I soon figured out the gate to the back fell down. This is where you definitely have to think on your feet. Though I've met these horses, I could not for the life of me remember their names--something to do with star and blazing. Anyway, two of the three are skittish, so that did not help matters.

I quickly ran into my place and grabbed some carrots, apples and a dog leash. I guess it was a good thing I had those carrots and apples. None of them had halters, so the one who wasn't as skittish, I was able to put my dog leash on and lead him to the back. However, he then decided to halt. Pulling on him wasn't going to do anything. I finally got him to go in by moving the gate a bit, so she could go around. The other two who did follow this horse but were reluctant in everything else. So I had to do some big time luring with apples and carrots. I eventually got both of them to go to the back and put the gate back up. So far, they have stayed there, and when I got home at noon, they were all hanging out by the gate. Probably looking for my food or something. Anyway, that was quite a surprise.

Another cool surprise the other night was that I saw a baby owl. I literally almost ran over it leaving work. I checked to see if it was okay, and then flew away. I had never seen an owl like that close up without it being for some educational purpose, that was very neat.

Well, I'm hoping the rest of the week will be uneventful. I still need to shop or at least get some ideas of things to get people. I just feel very blaise about Christmas this year.

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