Monday, December 3, 2007

New Brain imaging and Anorexia

In recent years, researchers have been looking at brain images and activity of a variety of illnesses, including eating disorders. Dr. Walter Kaye from University of Pittsburgh and University of California at San Diego has been one of the forerunners in researching the genetics and brain functions of those with eating disorders. In a 2005 study, it was found there was an overactivity of dopamine in the brain in those who had recovered from anorexia. Another study published earlier this fall showed how there were links between starvation and ectasy. This latest one on brain imaging and recovered anorectics using fMRIs is the hot article of the week. What is interesting about this study is that researchers are able to see how anorexia works in the brain in "real time" with the use of fMRI.

Personally, I think this is really helpful in terms of how the brain works with those with eating disorders. Now, this is of course can't be a blank statement until more studies are done are a larger representation sample. Hopefully, more funding will be available for studies like this.

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