Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Feeling productive

Well, yesterday and today, I've been feeling pretty productive. I got just about everything done on my list which does make me feel like I have accomplished things. I took a run in the afternoon. Yes, it was bitterly cold. I did see a bunch of wild turkey which was cool. A lot of dogs were out as well. I don't get how people leave out dachshunds and chihuahas in below freezing weather.

After that, I went by the computer store, dropped off the computer and prayed it wouldn't be too expensive to fix. This is my old computer which I'm giving to a friend of mine. I need some more desk space, so I really want to get rid of this computer. Then I went to the bank, stopped by the grocery store. I knew they were still having their $.99 deal on Luna bars, however, the selection was awful. And no peanut butter ones! I got six since I have coupons that will expire at the end of the year. Then I stopped by the bookstore and perused it for awhile. My intention was just to look for boxed Christmas cards. Somehow, I did not see them and wound up going around the entire store. The selection of cards were not very good. Actually, this year, hey haven't been. I was also expecting some discount but maybe it's too early for that or I'm shopping for them earlier that years past. I found one acceptable box. Then I stopped by the natural food store to yes get some more Luna bars. Their selection was much better than the other store, but again no peanut butter ones! I told the cashier this, and she said they would order some more. Literally, twice at both stores, there have been no peanut butter ones. For some reason, this just pisses me off.

After that ordeal, I headed home, however, I could not remember for the life of me where I parked. I must have gone around five or six times looking for my car. I eventually did find it and drove home.

I went home after that, fixed dinner for the dogs and me. I also made some cookies for my mother to send. Next week is her birthday, so U thought she might like some snickerdoodles and some coffee candies I picked up. When I woke up this morning, I packaged everything, then headed to physical therapy. the session was okay, although I got kind of a funny look when my PT asked me how today went (I was with the PTA today). I told her okay except I couldn't do one of the ball exercises which just hurt my leg too much. Somehow I just feel bad about it I guess.

I need to get going. I think the dog dremel is not broken after all. Yeah! I need to go do that, then head to work, then by the bank again, and may take a walk with one of the dogs this evening.

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