Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sudden busyness

It is weird, I have not been that busy other than job stuff, but within the last two days, boom, it just got busy, a bit overwhelming, and complicated. Some of the stuff is just due to procrastination, like getting my taxes done. I am determined to do that this weekend. I have also put off watching some dvds that I've had for some time. However, since I'm going to a dog seminar next Friday, and the presenter is the one who is in the dvds, it would be helpful for me to watch them. The dvds accumulate to 12 hours, so it's a big chunk of time.

Those are the procrastination ones. Now, the other stuff just came out of the blue. I met with a temp agency this week for a position with Cirque du Soleil which is coming into town. Most of these jobs are hospitality type jobs which I honestly have no experience in, so I signed up for the one that seemed easy, straight forward, not a big problem--an usher. Though not glamorous by any means, it is something. It'll be for 2 1/2 weeks or so in mid-April to May. What I really thought would have been a fun job was to be a costume dresser, but I have zilcho sewing skills. I'd also be horribly afraid of screwing up a costume or something, so way too much pressure for me there. Still though, to be backstage, talking with the cast would have been so fun. In some ways, I hope this temporary job will be a way to network with others.

The downside of this is that I will have to buy more clothes. If you remember awhile back I had to buy khaki pants for work which I wound up not using since the dress code got changed to jeans. Although it is nice to have khaki pants for various occasions, I would have only bought 1 pair versus 3. The dress code for this temporary job is all black, including socks. I have 1 pair of black pants and a few black hose type socks, and that's it. Typically, I do not wear much black due to dog hair magnetism. Despite keeping lint brushes around, it is never possible to remove all the dog hair. And Tovah and Hank are blowing coat, so black is not a helpful color to be wearing.

Therefore, I will have to buy black pants, tops, and shoes (I have a pair of black, but they have a heel) by Wednesday's dress rehearsal. Really, I'm not looking forward to it. Not because of body image insecurities (yay me!), but rather because it takes a lot of time and money that I'd rather spend elsewhere. At least there are some decent outlets around here, so I'll be going there first.

The other issue is that I had already signed up for a specific dog seminar that will be in town in May. However, it coincides with the temporary job position. I think I've found a way to work this out, so I'm crossing my fingers it will work.

The rest is neverending with job stuff, laundry, cleaning, reading, working with the dogs, meeting with the running group, appointments with the dentist and dermatologist this month, etc. And for some reason, this entire week, I've had headaches which is really odd. Headaches are very atypical for me, so I'm hoping it is just a weather thing.

All in all though, I'd rather be somewhat busy than have nothing at all. But I do think I'm going to need to start scheduling myself better and getting up earlier. :sigh:


Missy said...

I would love working in any capacity for cirque du soleil. I'm happy for you!

Anonymous said...

thrift store, tiptoe. for something you'll only be wearing there and for such a short time you might ask friends about a good one to go to. i needed a very dressy coat in a hurry and since this isn't something i normally wear i went to a thrift store my best friend recommended and got out a with a gorgeous coat for 5 bucks. something to consider.
enjoy Cirque. :)

Tiptoe said...

I actually realized after writing this post, I have one black tank top, so if I found something to go over that, that could be an outfit too. I think I may also have a black skirt and know I have a black dress too.

Azhe'n, yes, I'm going to check out some consignment shops around here today and tomorrow. I think the hardest may be finding black shoes that are not a fortune.

I Hate to Weight said...

the week before i started my new job, i did everything i'd been putting off for what felt like years. and i'd just moved.

all that stuff can make you crazy. good luck with it.

i hate that when you have to spend money for clothes for a new job!!!! i ushered when i was between jobs a couple of years ago, and i had to buy stuff, including shoes. you don't want to be spending money when you're between jobs, right?!

may everything go smoothly and easily.