Friday, April 22, 2011

Cirque du Soleil gig

I'm sorry once again for my lack of posts. This week has been really busy. My dad was here until yesterday, and I started my temporary job with Cirque du Soleil as an usher. I'm hoping to write some more posts this weekend. I have some posts in mind on family, clothes, this job, and running, so please bear with me. Hopefully, there will be some breaks of rain/thunderstorms this weekend. I've learned from past experience, it is best to unplug your computer completely, including the power surge whenever it is lightning, so as not to kill a router, modem, or any other piece of valuable computer equipment.

This Tuesday, I had my training for Cirque and worked the next two days. At first, it seemed like a ton of information thrown at you, but once you actually see the show, it is much easier to figure out when/where you are supposed to be/do things. Being on the set, and waiting for the show to open is thrilling. There is a huge amount of adrenaline in the air. That and making sure everything goes as planned too. There is a ton of technicality involved, so one loose knot or cable could easily cause a disaster.

The show itself is wonderful. This is my first time to be up close and personal, and it is amazing what these artists can do. Thinking about the way those contortionists move just makes my body hurt! Unfortunately, Mother Nature has decided to take her course which has caused a lot of stress for the crew and less work for me. :-(

Some people wondered (my dad in particular) why I took this job. 1) I needed something. Sometimes, I think he expects me to be waiting by the phone for calls by potential employees. Yes, I have my phone on, but I'm not going to be sitting and waiting. 2) I thought this would be a great networking opportunity. Though I still consider myself to be a pretty reserved, quiet person, I pick up and observe a lot of information by listening. It's really interesting to see the different people there--all different ages and to learn a little of their "story." There is one older gentleman who I met at the last orientation at the temporary agency who always asks "how are you doing, kid?" His story is similar to many with the downturn of the economy--his position was cut. He really lost quite a lot of income from that. It's just simply sad. There is another older retired couple, and one girl who is a senior in high school. This is her first job.

I struck up a conversation with this girl. I feel awful, because I do not know here name, despite the fact we all have name badges! On Tuesday, she was very chatty since two of her friends were there, but the last two days, she was alone and much more quiet. I noticed she had a cheerleading jacket which she confirmed to me later. I mentioned to her I had been a cheerleader in highschool and had thought about trying out for my college team at one point.

The college I went to has an excellent competitive cheerleading team. They are well known and have won many competitions. She was definitely familiar with them, but what I found interesting was the first thing she asked me. She asked, "don't they have a height/weight requirement?" I couldn't verify this for sure, but I think it is more that they choose people on talent and who have similar body types/heights. I don't think there is an actual height/weight you have to be, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, there is another three weeks of shows with potential work. Your work schedule is based on your performance. If you do a good job, then you will get to work more. Currently, the only people who are working all six days are the people who are what is called "Cirque followers." They sign up to work with Cirque at their different sites, but they have to provide their own accommodations and other expenses.

I'll post more about Cirque, some Cirque facts, and other observations. I've heard the kitchen has some fantastic food, but we are only allowed in there on 2 show days. I'm interested in trying it out, but it's a bit pricey at $10/lb. I'll let you know if I do.

Now off to bed to wake up early for a group run. I have a feeling we'll be running in rain. :-(


Lisa said...

that's awesome that you do cirque!!!

stay strong

Katie said...

That sounds like a really interesting job. I'm on the look out for a part time job at the moment, but I would definitely take something temporary like that too, it sounds fascinating. I hope you have fun with it :)

I know only too well what happens when you put thunderstorms and computers together - I used to live in an isolated spot of the country with my family, so whenever we had thunderstorms the lightening always seemed to head for our house, being the biggest concentration of lightening attracting things for a few miles! Our computer was hit through the lines once, which fried the motherboard, and then our broadband hub was hit a couple of years ago too. Nightmare trying to sort it all out! You are definitely right to unplug everything...

Sarah @ Bearing, Eating, Being said...

I liked learning what you are up to at CDS! The environment sounds very interesting. I agree that taking a low-involvement temporary job like this is a great way to get some $$ and get out of the house. I nannied and dog sat while I was job hunting last summer and it totally saved my sanity. I feel really bad for the man you were talking about--I HATE hearing stories about what this awful economy has done to people. It's so sad.

Re: cheerleading--have you ever seen the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader reality show? They are SUPER stringent about height/weight/body shape. It's really sad.

I Hate to Weight said...

this does sounds like a really interesting experience. i love non-traditional jobs where you meet diverse people.

i'm looking around to make some extra money and this is the kind of gig that would appeal to me.

good luck with EVERYTHING. i look forward to hearing more

Angela said...

That sounds like a very fun and interesting job. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it. Take care:)

Tiptoe said...

Thanks everyone for the nice support. I'll post some more information on Cirque and my actual job.

Katie and Melissa, Cirque does shows worldwide, and I'm guessing they have similar scenarios, ie temporary work for people, so do check out their website and temporary agencies in your area.

Sarah, I've watched that show before on the Dallas cheerleaders. Yes, they can be brutal. It's a bit sad too, because they are all volunteer.

Tia said...

THAT SOUNDS LIke a great, interesting, fun gig! enjoy it :)

Sarah @ Bearing, Eating, Being said...

I didn't realize that they volunteered for that! That makes me feel even worse for them. I think they already have low self esteem if their life goal is to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. (Note--I don't have anything against cheerleaders but I do have an issue with the oversexualization of the sport and the Cowboys are notorious for this!)