Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hair be gone!

I had been wanting a hair cut for awhile now. It had been about 2 1/2 years since my last hair cut. My hair was not quite as long--then, it was waist length. This time, it was just a little past my the middle of my back. I set up this appointment a few weeks ago with a new hairstylist recommended to me by a friend.

When I went in , I figured I'd probably do something similar to what I did last time--cut just below my shoulders. And then for whatever reason, I decided against that. I browsed some magazines, deciding on whether to stay with traditional Asian hair, straight as a board basically or to be a little funky. I chose the latter, but not so outrageously funky like some of the current Asian hip stars. At one point in my life, I was very big into highlights, because I was so tired of my boring, straight, dark brown/black hair. But eventually, I came back around and have since kept it the natural color it is.

So how much did I get cut? If you remember in this post, it was 14 inches.

This time, it was:

Really, I did not expect that, it just sort of happened that way. If you look at the linked post above, the new hair do is slightly below my chin which is drastically shorter. Actually, the shortest I've ever had! I'm not sure if I love it, but I don't hate it either. It's just different. Sadly, I will miss ponytails for awhile, but I know my hair grows fast naturally.

So far:
The pro are, there is swishiness and bounce, less maintenance, and less air drying time.
The cons are, I have major static and no more ponytails (well there is like a stub if you count that)
The jury is still out whether I actually look taller. I'll have to ask some people.

The one thing noticeably different this time around is that I don't have as much anguish over getting my hair cut as I have in the past. Maybe I'm finally letting go of my hair and identity thinking and embracing change.

Note--I was going to have my neighbor take a pic of me, but I got home late last night. If you are dying to know what it looks like, you can always e-mail me through my profile on here. I just have a policy of not posting pics of my face on here for semi-anonymity reasons


Missy said...

I wanna see!
I bet it looks so cute.
Just show us from the back, then (0:

Sensory Overload said...

Wow! That is a lot to cut off.

My hair falls to my lower back. I cannot imagine no ability for the ponytail. Saves me every time.

I bet it looks great!

I Hate to Weight said...

i cut my hair recently, and i like it, although i miss the ponytail too. if i'm having a bad hair day, it's more problematic.

good for you for doing something new. as women, there are a lot of associations with hair. we are, in some ways, gauged by it.

my own hair is frizzy and cowlicky and difficult. it's constantly irritating and makes me self-conscious when it rains. isn't that silly?

enjoy the bounce and shine!

ola said...

wow, Tiptoe,
if I shortened my hair as radically as you, I would be The Bald Soprano:) (provided I could sing that good).
Your hair (on your head) in the linked post looks so vital and shiny and beautiful, I am almost jealous:)

Tiptoe said...

Hi Everyone, thanks for the hair comments. It IS a lot of hair. I'll be donating it to Locks of Love this week.

It was kind of cool not having to put it up in a ponytail on my run this morning but still it feels a bit weird.

Missy, I'll send you a picture on e-mail.