Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cirque delayed

Ahh, Mother Nature has played her nasty role here. The week has been filled with heavy rain, high winds, and tornado warnings. Not much fun to say the least. Cirque du Soleil cancelled their shows this entire week due to the rising river levels. Seriously, the river is like 4 feet above flood stage and not receding quickly whatsoever. Their poor site is a mess with workers having to boat their way to the tents and trailers. We have heard that for whatever reason this show seems to carry a "black cloud." They've had snow in AZ, floods in San Diego, ice in an Francisco, and now record breaking flooding here.

This means no work for me, at least until next week, hopefully. Boo. But actually, this sort of works out as I have decided to run the half-marathon this weekend. By not working, I'll have ample time to register (yes, I missed the online registration by 30 minutes!) and go to the Expo which is always fabulous, though a bit mazey. I may also have time to do a SAR session with Tovah too. I've got to check on that one for sure.

So I complained mentioned about the black clothes I had to buy for this temp job. I did follow everyone's advice and went to thrifty/consignment places. I was pretty surprised to find some nice clothing for bargain prices. Here are a few of my purchases: I am usually not a big dress person, but I really liked this B. Moss one. The blazer was just my size, and I figured would work well for other occasions. You can see a few more black items I found. A few of the pics are just other clothes I like or ones my mother brought me. I'll get to that in a minute.

While my mother came to visit, she brought me more clothes. Some were black, others not. You see, my mother is like the Queen of consignment shop/bargain hunting. I even took her to one here which she fell in love with, telling me that every time she visits, we must go to that store.

Many times, my mom finds great buys, because she has a lot of patience to dig through stuff--I do but to a point. Now, one thing I have decided my mother does, and for whatever reason, it clicked on this visit, is live vicariously through me by buying me what I call "Bohemian" clothes. Seriously, check out this dress which has grown on me I must say:

Though my mom is a child of the 40s, she really loved the 60s era and went all out on flowery dresses, headbands, and the like. The blousey shirt in the photo album is another one of her bohemian finds. I wore that the day I went to the butterfly show. one thing I did have to buy twice was black shoes. The first pair I bought hurt my feet way too much standing. So I wound up with this pair of Merrell last week. Sadly, they were not on sale, but again, they are usable for future occasions.

That's the wrap on my clothing saga. One thing I am trying to do in general is dress better. It's not that I dress poorly or anything, but I tend to dress for comfort than style. I guess that is the dog trainer in me, years of fearing dog prints on nice clothes. But I think overall, it is a good thing for me--kind of lifts my mood a bit. And heck, we all need that at times in recovery, eh?


Sarah @ Bearing, Eating, Being said...

You know what you need to do next? Seven Days of Style. HA. Just kidding. I love the dresses! The B. Moss one looks SO cute and the bohemian one is perfect for a butterfly garden or a fun wine bar!

I've heard Merrell clogs are comfortable--my dad has bought two pairs at a time for the last four years. One is for indoors (he calls them his "house shoes,") and one pair is for outdoors. I'm personally a huge fan of Clarks shoes. Why can't all shoes be comfortable?!

Katie said...

Ooh, I like the dresses - I would wear the flowery one. I am a bit of a hippy on the sly :P I think nice clothes can be quite therapeutic. I usually wear jeans and a t shirt on a daily basis and I never bother with make up except for special occasions, but I do feel good about myself when I put a bit of effort in.

Your mom should hire herself out to help people find lovely bargain clothes ;) I don't have enough patience to fully search shops like that.

I Hate to Weight said...

I would hire your mom -- i have such trouble dressing myself.

new clothes are always cheering.

and nothing beats comfortable shoes -- i have SUCH terrible feet. the Merrell's look great.

good luck with the run!

Tiptoe said...

Sarah, I thought of you when I wrote this post! LOL

I tried on some Clarks but didn't find any that were the right fit. I liked a pair of Eccos a lot, but they didn't have enough cushion in the toebox. What I really wanted were a pair of Danskos but they did not have a 35. I tried kids' sizes, but the 3s were a smidge too small and the 4s too big. They don't carry 1/2 sizes either.

Btw, did you see the fuschia/purple coat in the link. That is my favorite coat now!

Katie, I'll pass the message along to my mother. ;-) A number of years ago, she found a beautiful long black dress with roses on it for $.50 at a rummage sale. Unfortunately, my former roommate's rat put holes in it. Mymom salvalged it by cutting and hemming it into a shorter dress. It's still a favorite to this day.

Melissa, I'm hoping my mom will do something like this or become a house stager which she would be great at when she retires maybe next year.