Monday, December 28, 2009

New area, new dentist

It's been over a year since I've been to the dentist, but I decided to go ahead and make an appointment today. I figured it was the end of the year, so I might as well use my dental insurance rather than feeling like I'm paying for nothing. In a way, this is a good sign, because in prior years, I practically lived in the dentist's chair. This also means that I haven't had as many problems in general with my teeth at all. Another kudos for me! This also equates to virtually no purging either! (I say virtually, because since 2008, it's only been a handful of times) Yeah to me!

Anyway, clapping ends now, because I'm also going to the dentist due to some recent sensitivity in my mouth as well as my bridge loosening after eating nip candy. This collision has happened before, but I just never seem to learn.

I'm a bit antsy as this is a new dentist, and just like a first appointment with a therapist or doctor, I'll have to go through my whole history again. "Now, just why do you have 2 holes in your mouth, a loosened bridge, a space where a bridge used to be, and a chip in your front tooth? And you're how old again?" Argh! Most never ask those questions in that particular style, but that's how it runs through in my head. You know expect the worst and be happy that it usually doesn't turn out that way. Of course, I could be completely wrong too, but we just won't go there.

The appointment is Wednesday morning, so a day to rehearse just everything I will say. Actually, I have gotten better with divulging my eating disorder history with dentists, but it still cause some anxiety. I was actually very hopeful when I looked in the phone book and recognized a name, a dentist who shared a practice with my other dentist where I used to live. Sadly, I think the phone book is wrong and she is no longer there as there is no evidence of her on their website. Wishful thinking I guess.


Eating Alone said...

I don't know if it's practical but, you could just write it all out, about the ED what oral problems it caused. Then Just tell them about any new issues. Cause let's face it once you give it to them there is no way to get it back.

I'm practicing telling any doc about what I've been through and what I'm going through. No holding back. Holding back just makes me restrict or binge.

ghost girl said...

no good advice, here. Just sympathy bc i hate talking to doctors, too.
The chiropractor asked me about the scars on my upper arms once and I was so mortified....I have a 6 inch scar on my stomach that doctors always ask about bc it looks like a surgery scar. I feel like a total loser trying to explain what i did to myself.
I am so sorry that this part of our healthcare has to be so emotionally difficult. I wish you the best, and congrats for making the appt,

Tiptoe said...

Eating Alone, I've written stuff out before, though it is often more successful for me when it is not related to ED. ED ones are just harder. Guess the shame factor is still a bit involved.

Ghost Girl, thanks for the sympathy. Yes, the explaining is the tough part. I'm always waiting for wrinkled eyebrows or something.