Thursday, December 31, 2009

Follow-up: dental appointment

I had my dental appointment today. There was no major fanfare or inquisition or anything like that. Actually, the most vivid memory I have is of the donkey in the movie Shrek jumping up and down and yelling, "pick me, pick me" over and over again. That happened about halfway through the appt. when the dentist left to see another patient, and I was drifting in and out of sleep. Apparently, it was the end of the dvd and no one had pushed play again.

The appointment was pretty straight forward. The dentist just asked why I was there--mostly to get the bridge re-cemented. The bad news is that there is a huge hole in it where the cement has worn off which is likely the culprit of the cold sensitivity. This also means I'll have to get this bridge replaced or an implant put in. The good news is that the teeth that are under the bridge look good. Once she re-cemented it (and with some lovely stinging pain), I was good to go.

The next appt. will be more comprehensive and other questions then may be asked about my teeth. I pretty much stuck to the basics of my general dental history today. At another point in time, I'll bring up the ED history if she has already not guessed it.

The ironic thing is that my boss knows this dentist! Apparently, she had some work done by the dentist's husband a few years ago. Smallish world I guess.

Note: *Just a quick observation This dentist was tiny! I normally never feel a certain way with professionals, but I felt like the Marshmallow man (I guess technically that is Marshmallow woman) standing next to her.


Eating Alone said...

Glad it went well. And I totaly get it about the tiny person. My T is like 5'2" and so tiny. And they she yell's at me and tell's me to eat?! And the only time she every commented on it was once when I made a comment wanting to be smaller, she said she wanted to be bigger. But it was more profound I just can't remember it all right now.

Jeremy said...

I'm about to bring my young son to our Sevierville dentist for the first time and he's still afraid of the dentist chair. I hope he'll overcome the dentist fear soon.

Actually, it pays to know a trustworthy dentist. They say most people judge others by their smiles. And let's not start with toothaches.

motiur nuggeta said...

Follow-up: dental appointment,,,,