Friday, April 17, 2009

Witnessing cruelty in people

I went out for a short run this evening. Apparently, my legs were not too happy about it since I decided for whatever reason to do lunges around the perimeter of my yard last night. At the time, this seemed like a good idea, and I felt energized. However, today was another story. I thought perhaps a short run would help with the lactic acid buildup. Think I was wrong again.

Anyway, I ran into a group of five dogs. I've seen them before--one is an older border collie mix, and the other four are chihuahuas and mini dachshunds. Before this, they had Boston Terriers. I have no clue what happened them. This wasn't the first day they decided to follow me I didn't realize two of them were tagging along until I physically looked back and saw them right at my heels. These are friendly dogs, so I was not worried, however, I do know their owner or at least the person who I saw last time doesn't want them to leave the property. Last time, I asked them why they were out in 30 degree weather, and all she said was "so they could enjoy the sunshine." Hmm.

I stopped, walked back up the hill towards their house as they continued following me. Then, I heard this guy saying, "[insert dog's name] get back here now, you know better, get up here." This was not in a nice happy tone but rather yelling. And meanwhile, he was holding a small limb! When they were close enough, he would use the limb to whack them up the road. Honestly, I was sort of shocked and felt incredibly sad for these dogs. I don't know the rest of their situation, but I was thinking, "Buddy, this is surely not the way to get your dogs to come to you."

What is wrong with people? Next time, I'll just pick up the dogs and bring them to their house, so he can't whack them. Needless to say, the rest of my run felt pretty pointless.


Gaining Back My Life said...

This is so sad, and just so wrong on many levels. People should have to get a license to have a pet. I mean, seriously - how can one wrong something that is 100% dependant on them for survival?

So sorry you had to witness this event.

Anonymous said...

I would encourage you next time to confront the owner. Somebody needs to say or do something, for the sake of the voiceless dogs. You are only getting a glimpse into the abuse these dogs are most likely getting. Please call your local SPCA, they will investigate if you inform them of what you witnessed.

Tiptoe said...

Thanks for everyone's concern. I'll keep a watchful eye when I see these dogs again.

curioustudent said...

Wow, this story made me really sad. I have two dogs at home that I miss a lot because I'm at school. I would be absolutely heart-broken if anyone ever hurt them. I can't imagine how people can not feel any remorse for treating helpless animals like that. God, reading that really got me upset.

Anonymous said...

Stuff like this makes me so sad. People are so ignorant and cruel when it comes to the creatures we share the world with.