Friday, April 3, 2009

Egg rolls!

After many weeks of craving egg rolls, I finally succumbed to making them. They came out good but I have made better, though that's by my judgment only. Others would probably tell me they tasted fabulous. Hmph, such the critic I am.

It's funny, egg rolls and I have quite a long history. I learned making them a number of years ago through an Asian cooking class offered in my small town where I grew up. This was very surprising since there were very few Asians. I know the lady taught us three different dishes, but I only remember the egg rolls. After understanding how to make them, I experimented with different ingredients.

Then, I made egg rolls ALL the time--at family gatherings, at holidays, for various people, for school events, even for a college class where I taught the class how to make them. Yes, imagine me (a petite 5'1 1/2) lugging an electric wok, my backpack, and whatever else was needed that day for class. Quite the haul I may add!

I'm debating what to do with them. The last few years I've made them, I ate a few, and then gave the rest away or froze them for when my parents came to visit. In reality, this was 1) fear of eating them all, 2) craving them for a moment, then not really wanting them which reverts back to #1, and 3) making others happy (most people really enjoyed these egg rolls and easily finished them off in a few days)

Guess I need to make a decision. Hey, anyone want me to send them one? Just kidding. They would not mail/ship well unless completely frozen anyway. ;-)


Kim said...

Those look delicious! I love eggrolls, but I buy them pre-made. Care to share how you make them? Maybe you can freeze a few of them for yourself, and give the others away. I'm embarking on a cooking spree this week (or that's the plan) and I already have the anxiety of leftovers. But, that's what the freezer is for, right? ;)

Kristina said...

How great!
I totally understand the urge to get rid of something to not have it sitting around the house. Can you have an impromptu gathering and ply your guests with the eggrolls???

Tiptoe said...

Kim, I can give you the basic recipe, however, I can't give exact amounts as I just don't measure anything with these. The beauty of egg rolls is that you can make them whatever way you want.

Good luck on the cooking spree this week.

Kristina, I may give a few to my boss who dearly loves them as well as possibly take a few to someone's house tomorrow. Tovah may have a play/training date but not sure yet.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried an egg roll. I was about to ask what was in them, but managed to restrain myself :)

I like Kristina's idea of a inpromptu eggroll party.

Lola x

Tiptoe said...

Lola, most egg rolls are cabbage based. I normally make vegetable ones and put cabbage, carrots, green onions, and white radish or turnips in mine. Then, you add different seasonings and soy sauces.

But in general, you can add meats, tofu, etc. If I had the ingredients and time, I would have made steam buns which are one of my favorites.

Ai Lu said...

I love hearing about how your attitudes towards food have changed since you began the process of recovery.

It's great to make again the foods that we once enjoyed, and realize that we can re-establish a healthier relationship with them.

Sometimes an abundance of food is a blessing because it gives you an excuse to share it with others!

Tiptoe said...

Ai Lu, very true about sharing food with others. It really reminds you the bond that is created around food.