Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

So as the tradition goes to "dress" up the dogs for at least one holiday photo, Easter gets its fair share.

From all of us (Baxter, Tovah, Hank, and Daphne), we all wish you a wonderful holiday however you may celebrate it.

Full set here

Note--*None of the ears are left on long. These ears were pretty floppy (need to get new ones), so I had to readjust them many times.
*Tovah did learn to pick up the basket for one of her graduation tricks, but she doesn't hold it long enough for a photo, hence the reason why Baxter is holding the basket with plastic Easter eggs.

*If you look through the full set, there is one really funny photo of Baxter standing in front of the Easter basket. He gives me the most scornful look.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Tiptoe those are just too cute, and hilarious! You must have had an absolute ball!

Lola x

Kristina said...

These are AWESOME! You totally made my day. Thank you for sharing.

Just Eat It! said...

This is so cute! Tovah really is getting big.

Lisa said...

Too cute! I remember when you first got Tovah and all the drama you had to go through. She's a beauty!

Cammy said...

Wow, the shepherd is really coming out in Tovah. Can't BELIEVE how fast she's growing! I think my favorite pic from this batch is Baxter, I love the expression on his face!

Tiptoe said...

Glad everyone enjoyed the pics. The dogs really do tolerate my antics quite well. I'm hoping to get some more group photos if my mom comes next month to visit. It is always easier with two people.

Yes, Tovah is getting big. I picked her up today from the sofa and was surprised. I'm not sure her weight but I am highly unsure of my vet's scale now since Daphne's weight was quite a less number than should be. I know she has not lost 8 pounds in two years!

Cammy, yes, the shepherd is definitely there. You can see the husky in her tail and body shape--a little more stout versus longish. A few people have recently also told me they think she may have a little Norwegian Elkhound due to her shorter muzzle.

Cammy said...

All these ears reminded me of one of G.'s favorite games: I drape socks around his big radar ears, and he has a great time shaking and galumphing around trying to get them off.

Kim said...

SO, so cute!