Sunday, April 5, 2009

Booty can have style

Earlier in the week, I went grocery shopping. It was a pretty mundane shopping day, so I didn't have too much anxiety.

Anyway, I was in the produce section, specifically deciding on whether to buy asparagus that looked decent and was $1 cheaper than usual. As I was deciding, a woman came up in her cart, debating the same question. I stepped aside and decided to grab a few zucchinis while she
took some asparagus.

And then, suddenly, something caught my eye. It was similar to the picture above. All I could see was what looked like two butt cheeks sitting in the front part of the cart but with no legs or torso or head for that matter. I took a double look and finally saw the strap which concluded that it was a handbag.

Please tell me I am not the only person who knew these things existed. Seriously, I had never seen one before.
My first thought of this was how bizarre. However, I began thinking about it some more and then thought:

This would be such a cool thing to do to those skinny jeans a lot of us still hold on to
It's like a way of reinventing but with style. Instead of wearing these jeans around our waists, berating our selves, they can be worn as an accessory!

So what do you think? Cool or not?
Note--*images by handbagblues
*For all those seamstresses out there, if you're interested in making your own blue jeans handbag, ehow offers directions.
how to make blue jean handbags


Carrie Arnold said...

Yes- that's awesome! I love the idea! NEDA had a pattern a while ago to make such a purse, I don't know if it's still up there, but it's a great idea. I've thought about making a patchwork purse out of scraps from old corduroys, although I presently lack a sewing machine. Slight problem.

Thanks for sharing- this is great.

Kim said...

Hahaha, I LOVE it. I usually just give away my skinny pants to Goodwill, but this is a much more fun approach :)

Tiger said...

Fantastic idea. I've one pair of jeans which I ADORE, but have never, at any size, fit properly. I think this is what I'll do!

Tiptoe said...

Glad everyone liked the idea. I'm thinking about doing this too. I just don't sew, so I'll have to find someone to help me. That or actually learn to sew.

Sarah said...

I made two cards for my therapist and best friend (both of whom were extremely helpful during my recovery from acute AN) with pieces of my old jeans, and framed part of my old jeans with a Bible verse that was helpful to me during my recovery. Then I threw the remainder away. I gave my clothes away to the girl I babysat and to my roommate's little sister. I am so glad to have those reminders gone. I like this idea, too.

gutsinarut said...

I have never seen those before! It's very strange, yet somehow it works. I'm tempted to break out my sewing machine and attack some of my old the drawing board!

Tiptoe said...

Sarah, you did some cool and creative things with your jeans. I'm glad you are happy to have those reminders gone.

Gutsinarut, I say go for it!