Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reminders of fall...

You know it is fall when...

Mums are sold everywhere

Apples are in season with many different types

Candy apples are available

The squash availability exponentially grows

You see Cushaw, another type of squash

And of course, we can't forget all those pumpkins--everything from mini to small to large


Lisa said...

Thought you'd be amused/scandalized to know what some people will pay for a caramel apple:

As my mother always said, The Rich Are Different.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! As always, I love your photos. You really captured the beauty of fall, which is sometimes hard to see when the life of nature is slowly whittling away.

I hope you'll take tons of stunning photographs of winter. Maybe you can convince me that wintertime is pretty, too. :)

Tiptoe said...

Lisa, thanks for those links. Yes, quite amusing. And heck ,i thought spending $3.50/caramel apple was a lot.

Here's something you might find funny, though it's slightly off topic.

Charlynn, I always appreciate your comments on my photos. :-) And you bet, I'll take photos during winter. Convincing might be hard, but maybe there will be a glimmer in the snow.

I'll have to post my "ice" photos of 5 years ago. No joke, we had ice everywhere, and I had no power for 11 days.

Anonymous said...

Dude, 11 days?! That sucks!...but I'd love to see the photos. :P

Tiptoe said...

Charlynn, I'll post the pics soon. :-)

Kyla said...

I'm so happy for fall too!