Friday, October 10, 2008

Trip photos

While on this trip, I took some interesting photos. One thing I noticed was the fall foliage occurring in W. VA, PA, and NY. I captured a few of these from the car as we were driving by. It's a wonderful reminder that fall is here with its brilliance in color.

This mask was very cool. It's my mom's husband's face. He had it done when he was in Wales recently. I was amazed at how accurate it was--lines and all. My mom added the personal touches of the hat and glasses. I think when he is away, she actually talks to it.

Since I did not have my own doggies with me, I was still able to get some animal TLC. The cavalier is Layla. She is one of four cavaliers my mom and her husband have. Layla is quite cute, however, she is incredibly spoiled and will shriek when people are not paying attention to her. And I mean shriek.

The first gray cat is Gremlin. He is a darling cat. I found him on my bed many times, and when I would go to pet him, he would just purr. It was so sweet and reminded me how much I miss having cats.

The gray and white cat is Penelope, Gremlin's sister. She is very skittish. People ever rarely see her. I happened to catch her in the basement and much to my amazement, she let me pet her. But, it was probably a moment of shock than really thinking I was somehow special or something.


Charlynn said...

Wow. That first picture with all the trees looks like a perfectly-constructed painting. How gorgeous.

Tiptoe said...

Charlynn, yes, this is what I was thinking too! Such beauty.