Monday, October 20, 2008

Should nutrition facts be brought back to Harvard?

Laura at the blog Are you "eating with your anorexic?" posted about the Ivy League college Harvard University removing calorie information at their dining services. Apparently, not everyone is happy with these actions and published their own opinion in this piece. I think the author raises some interesting points, though each could be counter pointed.

The issue of providing calorie information has been a hot topic of debate for awhile now with those adamantly against it, others for it, and some who sit on the fence. In the end, there will never be 100% happiness with the policy.


Carrie Arnold said...

The author makes an interesting point: that people with EDs already know the calories of everything. Which is kind of true. But I worry about those vulnerable to an ED, and those in recovery.

I do think the information should be available for people to see. But I don't think becoming obsessed with every single calorie is going to make anyone healthier.

Carrie Arnold said...

Where the information is available to see upon request, that is. Sorry.

Tiptoe said...

Carrie, I agree with you about the obsession factor and possible vulnerabilities towards eating disorders. It seems like a no win battle really.