Monday, September 29, 2008

What's your reality?

This week is super busy, trying to get everything done before my trip. Since today was the only day I had off, I pretty much crammed a lot of errands. After my psych appt., my dermatology appt., my glove appt., and running around to various stores, I'm extremely exhausted. It didn't help that my eating and fluid intake were not so hot today either. I still have more to do, but I'm leaving that for tomorrow and Wednesday. Blogging this week may be a little light, but I still want to write a few posts.

My first appt. was with C. We talked a lot about my upcoming trip and my stress and anxiety of seeing my parents, as well as other catch-up stuff in my life. Something she said really sticks out.

"Remember, what your parents say do not have to become your reality."

She said she was saying this, so I had a different voice to hear, to put something else in my head. It was important that I heard that, because I think I do indeed hear my parents' voices a lot. And that tends to drown out my own voice, even when I don't exactly know what that is.

It reminded me of the different voices we hear--whether it is the ED voice, the voice of our parents, our friends, our relatives, a professor, etc. Sometimes, these voices can be overpowering, "controlling," and negative. In our vulnerability, we lose our own power, follow those voices, and try to make that our reality. And in the end, suffer because of it.

This is not to say that sometimes these voices are positive, encouraging, and supportive. Hopefully, we begin listening to that and finding our reality that way.

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