Monday, September 15, 2008

Declare yourself

I don't talk much about politics much on this blog and never will, however this ad featuring Jessica Alba with tape over her mouth and body, (like some bad porno bondage picture) and in tears, leaves me quite unsettled. The ad is for "Declare yourself,"a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization to encourage young people to vote.

In general, I think their premise is a good one--to increase youth registration and help them realize they have a voice in the upcoming election. After all, the youth vote is more difficult to achieve and there seems to be a specific type of catering to get the word out--anything from myspace to facebook to celebrities. In some ways, it seems kind of sad that we need all these external applications to understand the value of something as simple as voting.

:sigh: Maybe I'm just sensitive, old school, or just tired that everything has to be shock value in order for the masses to get the message.

By the way, the other images on the website are more toned down, I'm just using this one as an example.


Lisa said...

That's super creepy. It would not encourage me to vote, unless it was to vote against wrapping women in electrical tape.

Tiptoe said...

Lisa, totally agree with you.