Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Project Runway and NY Fashion Week

Okay, I admit, I watch Project Runway. I'm not exactly sure why, other than as a child, I wished I was 5'10 and could have been a model in a different life. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how I'm feeling that day, that did not happen for me. Instead, I only reached a mere 5'1 1/2 (on a good day) with an absolutely different body shape--one of athleticism and musculature. A body I'm trying to learn, accept, and appreciate.

Still though, I watch the show. I think it's the creative aspect I enjoy. Plus, I find anyone who can sew amazing. I just can't imagine putting together those pieces so fast.
However, the funny thing is that I'd probably never buy most of the pieces featured on the show or during fashion week.

I'm kind of confused this season since NY Fashion Week was last week, and there are still 6 contestants left. According to this salon article, the 6 contestants showed their collections at Bryant Park. My guess is only that the top three or four will actually be shown on television, and there will be a few elimination challenges left. I guess that's the nice thing about the ability to edit. Still though, that kind of leaves the fun "live" aspect out of it, as well as Bryant park being the pinnacle, ultimate reward for the best designers. So any guesses on who is going to win?

On a side note, this is an interesting piece about NY Fashion Week and asking whether it is the economics of the fashion industry that perpetuate models to stay skinny. By the way, apparently, there was some applause because models were not size zero, just a barely size 2 and 4. Oh how curvaceous can we be?

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