Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Web based CBT versus face-to-face CBT

In a recent article from Psych Central, there is a new study underway assessing web based CBT )Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) versus face-to-face CBT for the treatment of bulimia. The principal investigators of this study are Cynthia Bulik, a well known researcher and head of the eating disorder program at UNC Chapel Hill and Marsha Marcus, professor and chief of the Center for Overcoming Problem Eating at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, part of the University of Pittsburgh. Half the study participants will be at UNC, while the other half in Pittsburgh. Through randomization, half will receive 20 face-to-face group therapy sessions, while the other half will receive web based CBT. The web based CBT (CBT4BN) will have traditional, manual based CBT online as well as weekly online chat sessions, moderated by experienced therapists.

The goals of the study are to compare the effectiveness of CBT4BN to traditional CBT in reducing bulimia and if the attrition rate (rate of dropout) will decrease. Follow-ups after the study has ended will be at 3, 6, and 12 months. The hope is that if the CBT4BN is effective, it will allow individuals who do not have access or have difficulties with standard CBT to receive treatment.

I believe this study is still recruiting, so if you're interested, it may be worthwhile.
More information here.

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