Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh the things my dogs put up with

These are some photos from this week. A mantis came flying in, and well, I took the grand opportunity to take some photos with my dogs. You have to admit, they really put up with my antics sometimes. These photos came out fairly good despite the hassling of both the mantis and dogs. It was a bit difficult to get all to cooperate, but in the end, everyone was a good sport, including the mantis. :grin:

The mantis

Hank hanging in there with the mantis on his head

Hank really hoping that he doesn't have to hold his head up much longer.

Daphne with mantis on her neck. Hank's now happy the mantis is off his head.

Daphne wonders how long she really has to stay in this position for this photo, since having an insect on her is quite tickly.

Daphne literally a nose away from the mantis.

Hank and Baxter intently staring at the mantis. This is the shot I wanted all three noses together, but Daphne refused to play along this go around. I can't blame her though. ;-)

Stay tuned for more photos of the Apple Festival.


Gaining Back My Life said...

These pictures were just the right dose of medicine I needed today - I actually laughed out loud :)

What patient dogs. Love 'em.

Tiptoe said...

Gaining, glad the photos gave you a good laugh. Laughter is great medicine! Yes, my dogs are quite patient. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That is too cute! Your dog is adorable. And patient. If I put a cute little bug on my dog, she would try to eat it. And then bite me, to get even.

Tiptoe said...

G.H., yes, they are quite patient. It took them a long time to learn that. I think most dogs would likely try to eat the bugs. We have some at the kennel who go around eating them every chance they get.