Sunday, September 14, 2008


We all know about NEDA, National Eating Disorders Associations, and now, there is BEDA, Binge Eating Disorders Association. According to this pr news release, this new organization specifically caters to those who suffer from BED, providing a community-like environment with information and resources. Goals for the organization include "generating awareness of the disorder and champion for its own designation in the APA's DSM." (currently, it is under EDNOS, needing further research) says Chevese Turner, chief executive officer. Another goal is to "build a bridge between the binge eating disordered community and the obesity community, as so many of our issues are interrelated."

This is possibly a good thing since BED is one of those disorders on the radar but not yet recognized completely. This would allow for awareness and debunking the assumption it's just Compulsive Overeating. In fact, according to this study, BED was more prevalent than either anorexia or bulimia. This would conclude that there does seem to be a need for treatment and resources. Currently, the most popular forms of treatment are cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy and medications.

I don't know enough about BED to make a lengthy post, but it'll be interesting in the next few years whether BED will become an official disorder in the DSM-V. I know there has also been consideration for purging disorder as well.


Griffin H. Bat said...

I think it's great that they're wanting to, finally, build a "bridge" between the BED community and the obese community. I think BED often gets overlooked, and it's easy for a doctor to just say "go on a diet, you'll be fine," instead of diagnosing someone with BED and getting real help.

Tiptoe said...

Griffin, I agree with you that BED is underdiagnosed. Hopefully, this group will help bring collaboration together.