Friday, May 2, 2008

This is it

This is it! The time has come for the marathon. I really am super excited and am trying to keep all positive thoughts. I think the biggest challenge for me is just mentally. But I know no matter what, I have way too much heart and pride to not finish. It'll be a finish whether it's good or bad.

Today, I took my dad driving around the roads I run, so he could give me a comparison of the hills in the marathon to the hills I normally run. Basically, the hills I have around here are very intense, steep hills, but the ones on the course are not as steep but longer. I'm hoping to get a chance to drive part of the course tomorrow.

I've gotten most of the stuff I needed to get done except for packing. I do have some time tomorrow morning before we all leave for the race. I just hope I don't forget anything.

So for now, this will be my last official post until I get back. To anyone who's reading, wish me luck. This is a big event for me. If you are in the Cincinnati area and want to join all the "squealers" out there, feel free to do so. You can cheer me on as well. Out of 5,300 or so participants, it'll probably be difficult, but I'll tell you I have very long, dark brown (black) straight hair and am short. Maybe when I get back, I'll even post some pictures.

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