Monday, June 27, 2011

A bizarre highlight: dog cookies!

I know this will sound hilarious to most of you, but this was one of the highlights of my week. Seriously, these cookies which are for dogs are so tasty for humans too! These cookies are nice, because The Three Dog Bakery uses carob which is similar to chocolate but has no theobromine which is the toxic agent to dogs.

When I told my mom I found some of these very cheaply at a discounted store this week ($2 when they are usually $5), she was literally going to check to see if her local store had them. This is how good theses cookies are.

Then, I had mentioned awhile back to my neighbor's kids (these are the 4 kids who live beside me and love my dogs except they can't pet them since the little boy is allergic to dogs) that there were actually dog cookies humans could eat too. They were so intrigued by this idea and would ask me periodically if I had any.

Needless to say, they were thrilled I had them. They asked their dad if they could have one (it's a bit funny because they knew their mom would likely say no, especially since the day before, the little boy wanted to eat the turkey/cranberry dog treats). They each had one cookie and exclaimed "they taste like oreos!"

Anyway, after my busy week, this was a nice ending.

p.s.--T., the little boy who is allergic to dogs said to me the other day:
"Tiptoe, if I wasn't allergic to dogs, would you bring the dogs over here?" My reply was yes, and I know the dogs would enjoy it. He then went on to mention underground fencing which I am opposed to, but we didn't get into that deeply other than it could possibly change the behavior of the dogs.


I Hate to Weight said...

i don't know if i would eat dog cookies, if i knew what they were. interesting concept, tho.

i feel sad for any little boy who's allergic to dogs. most little boys live for puppies. awwww. is he allergic to cats too?

Tiptoe said...

Melissa, not sure if T. is allergic to cats. I think he may be allergic to some other environmental things. I think his parents hope he will grow out of them.